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What to Expect

My Commitment:

I am optimistic about the alternative healing solutions that I offer.  Hope for healing comes from the belief that there is a way to find the key. When the right stimulation is given, the body will respond and heal. Pain patterns and imbalances will change and symptoms will improve.


Your Commitment:

Lifestyle Compliance is crucial to optimal healing outcomes. I ask for your commitment  to compliance with Diet, Exercise, Sleep or other recommendations.


I ask for your commitment to following the treatment plan that is realistic for you and your health goals. I ask that you be compliant with lifestyle choices that will support the greatest results possible from acupuncture. Learn the connection between lifestyle choices and treatment success. Each treatment reinforces the previous one and over time sustained stimulation  will help maintain the desired response. I ask that your family give you the support needed to keep scheduled appointments and support your healing at home.


What to expect... Listen now

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Acupuncturist check the pulse to identify the status of organ health and how energy and blood are moving in a patient.

Acupuncture Treatment Plans:


Based on your quality of life and the frequency and severity of your symptoms; your health issues can range from minimal to moderate or severe. I will recommend a frequency of care and a range of treatments to reach your health goals. Time to heal and consistency in treatments is important to healing the root of the problem and promoting stability and a return to the quality of life you desire.

Acupuncture is a therapy that can rapidly shift the body into a new equilibrium. Each treatment builds on the next one. Typically an initial series of treatments is over a period of 6 to 12 weeks, which gives time to correct many imbalances. However, some chronic cases require 6 months or more to restore vitality and function.


Treatments are scheduled once or twice a week to maintain your healing response. A lifestyle approach uses treatments to maximize vitality, performance, longevity and maintain health. These treatments are scheduled once every two weeks or once a month. Total number of treatments needed depends on the imbalance and the response of each client. Most imbalances; are relieved within 6 to 12 treatments. Sometimes you can feel great quickly, however for chronic issues you can expect healing to take some time.

Acupuncture Stimulates

the Body's natural ability

to heal itself.


I first went to see Caleb after a knee surgery, when after many months and many interventions, the swelling in my knee would not go down. After two or three acupuncture treatments, the swelling was gone and I had my knee back. I then saw my 13-year –old, who has had serious pollen allergies, enjoy her first symptom –free spring and fall in several years , as a result of acupuncture. Since then, my family and I have gone to see Caleb for many matters, large and small. We have greatly appreciated both his manner and his practice, and I feel that my family is healthier as a result of his care.

 ~ E.S.

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