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Sports Injuries vs ACUPUNCTURE

Sports injuries are never something any athlete wants to experience, but sooner or later even the best athletes wind up getting hurt doing what they love. Moreover, when a sports injury is significant enough to cause long-lasting pain that just doesn’t seem to want to leave, you may need a different treatment type than what you are used to.


If surgery, medication, and physical therapy have failed to provide you with the relief that you need to feel better from your sports related injury, then it may be time to experience the best in local Durango Colorado acupuncture.


Durango Acupuncture has been treating more area athletes with their pain and discomfort than most local Durango acupuncturists, giving more residents the most comfort possible for less.

In just a short period, our personalized treatment choices can offer you the best in all natural healing. By targeting the nerves and torn, inflamed tissue around and even in the injured area, we can help your body produce better naturally occurring healing effects, allowing you better relief.

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Caleb Gates L.Ac at Durango Acupuncture is skilled palpating muscles and soft tissue to understand where to place the needles

Acupuncture helps

your body recover faster


When you become hurt from a physical activity like soccer, football, or even walking, your body can remain inflamed where the injury took place. In fact, most of the pain comes from bundles of nerves remaining pinched and tense, with chronic pain coming from tension never being released. However, by targeting these specific areas, we can promote more efficient and all natural healing process from your body, all without introducing foreign chemicals or invasive surgical procedures.

Acupuncture Stimulates

the Body's natural ability

to heal itself.


I had a frayed rotator cuff on my left shoulder and couldn’t lift my arm above 90 degrees. I was in extreme pain and my arm couldn’t bear weight. After my first treatment I could raise my arm to my ear and after 3 treatments I could extend my arm over my head! After a full series of acupuncture treatments I have full use of my arm, full range of motion and can lift any weight plus there is no more cracking in the rotator cuff. All I would like to say is after 6 months physical therapy; Caleb was able to relieve my symptoms within three treatments. WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! Caleb’s care and concern for my well being is beyond words.


~ Debra Woodbrey

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