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FCT is a leading edge detox protocol that is effective and safe. It protects the organs while the body safely expels toxins in small amounts. FCT has been taught to physicians worldwide since 1999. 
 This systematic testing procedure identifies the 5 most degenerative or blocked organs and the 10 most stressed organs based on information from the nervous system.


FCT allows the physician to effectively FIND and safely help the body REMOVE  the priority or “KEY” toxins and pathogens that are causing organs to function poorly.  For example, FCT can assess for types of blockages in the bone marrow which is the most vital immune organ. Secondly it strengthens weakened cells and organs.

This systematic approach takes the guesswork out of medicine and helps uncover the cause and effect of illness. 

Many detox programs release toxins but do not provide key organ support hence toxins often do not leave the body as well and get redistributed to other organs. Or in the case of Chelation Therapy too high a volume of toxins can be released at once. FCT releases toxins more slowly in smaller amounts based on a person's capacity to detox. 
In addition, emotional stress, poor diet and lifestyle can increase the effect toxins and infections have making us more susceptible to chronic disease. This results in a host of health problems unique to each individual from Chronic Fatigue, Hashimoto’s and other Thyroid diseases, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Sclerosis, to name a few. 


Reducing your body burden of toxins can restore health and is also a proactive lifestyle approach to maintaining health.


Field Control Therapy is the non-disease treatment of disease and gives medicine a systematic approach to restoring organ function. It views the body as the living system it is.

Are you looking for a modality that treats the deep underlying causes of disease? 
Is your current therapy not treating the cause or is it making your condition worse? Have supplements or medication made your condition worse? Do you want a therapy that is proactive to help avoid life threatening diseases? 
Field Control Therapy is a healthcare system that specifically addresses the cause of illnesses in the 21st century.

FCT is an advanced form of Bioresonance assessment testing, which can access information about organ toxicology that is not available short of  having a biopsy procedure. FCT fills in the gaps left by some lab work. Treatment is done using homeopathic remedies. 

Are you frustrated and wonder why symptoms keep returning or infections don’t heal? FCT can assess what is driving your fatigue, immune-suppression, autism, candida and chronic digestive disease such as Colitis, Chrones and Leaky Gut.  FCT is for you if  antibiotics or antifungals make you sick or you are suffering from Lymes Disease and its co-infections. There is a reason your body is not responding or over reacting and often it’s blockages caused by heavy metals, chemicals and pathogens.


Have you wondered if toxins are affecting your health? Being toxic is an unavoidable consequence of modern life. We absorb toxins just like the frogs and fish that we read about. At some point everyone has a tipping point based on their exposure, ability to detox, level of vitality and genetics. We are living in a sea of industrial pollution, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, radiation, and medications that are creating cellular degeneration, immune and endocrine organ suppression which can perpetuate chronic viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. 
People are affected by toxins from birth. A 2005 study by the Environmental Work group and the American Red Cross examined the umbilical cord blood of newborns and found that the average newborn has over 200 different chemicals, pollutants, pesticides, and heavy metals in their blood. As we age the levels of these toxins persists and increases. 
Toxicology is often overlooked as a cause of disease and often poorly treated. FCT can assess for what heavy metals and chemicals are blocking organ function. Heavy Metals are epigenetic, meaning they can change our genes and affect numerous enzymatic, immune and hormonal reactions in the body. Do you wonder why there is an increase in autoimmune and other chronic diseases? 
The main difference between one disease and another one is the quantity and location of the toxin. What stage of toxic invasion are your organs and cells at? 


Field Control Therapy

Field Control Therapy is the non-disease treatment of disease

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I first went to see Caleb after a knee surgery, when after many months and many interventions, the swelling in my knee would not go down. After two or three acupuncture treatments, the swelling was gone and I had my knee back. I then saw my 13-year-old, who has had serious pollen allergies, enjoy her first symptom-free spring and fall in several years, as a result of acupuncture. Since then, my family and I have gone to see Caleb for many matters, large and small. We have greatly appreciated both his manner and his practice, and I feel that my family is healthier as a result of his care.

 ~ E.S.

FCT addresses chronic health issues
FCT measures stress responses of the organs.
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