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Metabolism vs ACUPUNCTURE

It is a fact that a Healthy Metabolism revolves around proper Digestion, Elimination, Blood Sugar, Energy and Organ Function. Certainly, weight loss can be a residual outcome of improved metabolism, but the core issues must be identified and treated first. Caleb can give nutritional advice and recommendations for a style of eating that will complement your effort to improve your Metabolism. Caleb specializes in the over all improvement of your digestive system


At Durango Acupuncture, Caleb offers solutions with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine that target your body’s sluggish metabolism. Caleb can help your body’s natural digestive system process food better, as well as reduce inflammation and bloating.

Although acupuncture is traditionally used as a form of pain management, it works by promoting the body to release certain naturally occurring chemicals from the brain, as well as releasing tension from the nervous system. The chances are that if you still struggle with digestion issues, it is a simple matter of keeping your metabolism engaged for longer periods of time.

Fresh Fruits and vegetables help heal and improve metabolism health.

Acupuncture helps

improve your metabolism



When you choose us for your local acupuncture practitioner, you are getting an experienced practitioner who has treated many patients for their digestive and metabolic needs. You will feel far more comfortable after our unique treatment, as well as healthier and happier. By making it easy to process digested food as well as better healing, you will not feel nearly as sluggish or bloated as you normally do. Kickstart your metabolism and choose us for your relief.

Acupuncture Stimulates

the Body's natural ability

to heal itself.

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I had a frayed rotator cuff on my left shoulder and couldn’t lift my arm above 90 degrees. I was in extreme pain and my arm couldn’t bear weight. After my first treatment I could raise my arm to my ear and after 3 treatments I could extend my arm over my head! After a full series of acupuncture treatments I have full use of my arm, full range of motion and can lift any weight plus there is no more cracking in the rotator cuff. All I would like to say is after 6 months physical therapy; Caleb was able to relieve my symptoms within three treatments. WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! Caleb’s care and concern for my well being is beyond words.


~ Debra Woodbrey

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