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Our initial Meeting

Our initial meeting will take 1 hour and 15 minutes. Follow up treatments are 60 minutes.


The assessment includes an Oriental Medicine Diagnosis, as well as a Muscle Trigger Point and Postural Alignment Assessment.

I will ask you questions to help you access information about your circumstances to get insight into your patterns of imbalance. This will help me choose the channels/meridians, organs and muscles which will help heal you.

Acupuncture treatments are basically relaxing and calming. Arrive hydrated and sometimes having a light snack before can be helpful if you are prone to hypoglycemia, dizziness or fatigue.


Wear shirts and pants that are loose for rolling up sleeves and pant legs.  You rest with the needles 20-40 minutes.


Please bring a copy we can keep of any labs you have within the last 3 months. 

Please download and fill out the New Client Forms (4) and bring them with you. If you need more time to fill out your forms please arrive early. If forms are not filled out the appointment will have to be rescheduled. 

acupuncturist taking the pulse of a patient. Pulse taking is part of acupuncture's diagnostic system.

A word of Thanks


Caleb, I want to thank you for the recent acupuncture treatments and let you know that I’ve been extremely pleased with the results. When I first came in June, my left shoulder was in so much pain I was preparing to get an MRI and expecting a diagnosis for surgery. I could not raise my arm above shoulder level and it kept me awake at night. Fortunately I decided to try some acupuncture treatments before getting the MRI. I some relief almost straight away, and I think our decision to treat it aggressively twice a week helped the overall success. After 5 treatments the inflammation and pain had subsided about 90%. I was astonished and so relieved! It’s been 4 months and I continue not to have any issues.
Krista Harris

Acupuncture Stimulates

the Body's natural ability

to heal itself.

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I first went to see Caleb after a knee surgery, when after many months and many interventions, the swelling in my knee would not go down. After two or three acupuncture treatments, the swelling was gone and I had my knee back. I then saw my 13-year –old, who has had serious pollen allergies, enjoy her first symptom –free spring and fall in several years , as a result of acupuncture. Since then, my family and I have gone to see Caleb for many matters, large and small. We have greatly appreciated both his manner and his practice, and I feel that my family is healthier as a result of his care.

 ~ E.S.

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