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Digestion Issues vs ACUPUNCTURE

Do you seem to feel bloated for long periods of time? Do you seem to struggle with acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion or elimination issues? Do you struggle with improper digestion? If you are tired of being bloated and your digestion is off, Durango Acupuncture provides unique alternative approaches to get you feeling the way you want to be. It  might be something as simple as a food sensitivity to a more in depth issue that we will address to correct improper digestion.


Unfortunately, most treatment options require invasive surgeries and other techniques, or drugs. When you are looking for a safer way to address these issues without buying into expensive and ineffective medication, medical procedures or harmful programs, you should consider Caleb Gates, the popular choice among local acupuncturists.

Durango Acupuncture can help you the same way we have helped many others who have struggled with finding the relief that comes from treating digestive issues with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Durango. When you relieve the tension in and around the digestive tract by promoting both the body’s natural healing defenses and your metabolism, we can assist you in feeling better for longer lengths of time.

Heartburn and acid reflux cause pain in the stomach and chest. Acupuncture treats this pain.

Acupuncture works

on many digestion ailments


For thousands of years patients struggling with improper digestion have turned to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for relief that lasts. You have found the best Acupuncturist in Durango Colorado that offers the best treatment choices.


We can help your body the natural way. Choose an alternative with no surgical procedures or supressive medications to take; only your body’s own natural healing and digestion.


If you constantly struggle with your digestive needs, call Durango Acupuncture and experience the relief that you have not found anywhere else.

Acupuncture Stimulates

the Body's natural ability

to heal itself.

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 I have chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome for thirty years. Diagnosed with Chrones disease at the age of sixteen.  Now at the age of forty-six, I have had two bowel resections, countless hospital visits with all the prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, only to be released to home care and to continue a daily struggle with Chrones. I have tried every remedy that has come my way, for the most part with no relief.  At one point I was turned away by an acupuncturist and thought I could write that possible cure of my list. Then my wife referred me to Caleb Gates for acupuncture and Chinese herbs. He informed me he would be willing to work with me. After three years with Caleb Gates of monthly visits for acupuncture, Chinese herbs and supplements, I have only had one episode with Chrones. I wake up with energy I never experienced in the past and sleep relaxed for the most part, not to mention greatly improved bowel action. Of course I have experienced Mr. Chrones many side effects, (kidney stones, arthritic pains, on and on it goes.) All the side effects seem to be retreating. I am most impressed with being kidney stone free for the last year. 

~ Gary

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